Tamelia Tumlin

Tamelia Tumlin

     Romance Author

     Jarithian Heirarchy


      Grand Wizard

     Jarithian's Leader

      wise, fair and just


    The Elder Court

       Enforces justice

          in Jarithia   


   The Gatekeepers

  Dragonshifter Guardians         of the four portals

(North, South, East, West)



 United Para-criminal    Investigative Bureau

 Secret Task Force  based in the earth realm. It is made up of vetted Jarithians and high security clearnce humans who work as a team to investigate criminal activity between the earth realm and Jarithia. Any findings are immediately reported to one of the four Gatekeepers for further instructions.





 most powerful of all races in Jarithia andnot allowed in the earth realm unless they are a Gatekeeper

 water- weapon:controls thunderstorms/breathes lightening

 air- weapon: controls the wind/ breathes nitrous gas

earth-weapon: controls earthquake/volcanoes/ breathes sand

 fire- the most dangersous of all the Gatekeepers:weapon: controls minds/ breaths fire

chaos -weapon- causes strife in order to bring order to a society-can be malevolent so must be monitored carefully-allowed in the earth realm under limited circumstances



The rest of the races are in no particular order as they are of equal rank in Jarithia.



invisible air elements kin to the air dragonshifters


        Magik Makers-        enemy of the dragons

     sorcerers, sorceresses,                       wizards

they are allowed in the earth realm, but must not socialize with the dragons



 tall pale beings who generally keep to themselves, but are allowed in the earth realm on necessary business



  many work for the air dragon in the earth realm


        Goblins- small mishapen creatures which are easily influenced-especially by the Shadow Fada- they are not ususally allowed in the earth realm


    Dark Gnomes-

        very tiny creatures who are under the influence of the Shadow Fada-not usually allowed in the earth realm



           Shadowvery seldom allowed in the earth realm due to malevolent practices

        Sol- allowed to enter the earth realm for various studies and/or business



dolphin-shifters who were kicked out of Jarithia for angering the Grand Wizard many generations ago. They now live in the Encante in Amazonia-not accepted by the earth realm or Jarithia.

Sneak Peak into the Kingdom of Jarithia!

  • Mystical Forest
    Mystical Forest
  • Beautiful Foliage!
    Beautiful Foliage!
  • Terra Desert... lovely turquoise sand.
    Terra Desert... lovely turquoise sand.
  • Look closely...you might see a Gatekeeper on top of Ember Mountains!
    Look closely...you might see a Gatekeeper on top of Ember Mountains!
  • Mystical Falls!
    Mystical Falls!
  • The Grand Wizard's Castle...
    The Grand Wizard's Castle...
Mystical Forest
Mystical Forest

About Jarithia:

Many, many centuries ago, the Kingdom of Jarithia was a solid mass of land surrounded by beautiful crystal blue waters. Several races co-inhabited the terrain peacefully coming and going throughout the region at will until the Dragon race and the Magik Makers (sorcerers and sorceresses) engaged in a territorial war over an area of land called Bohavi.This particular landmass in the center of the realm was considered to be the pulse of Jarithia. There was a large powerful amethyst-called Jarithia's Soul- buried deep in heart of the realm. It was rumored to fuel its inhabitants with more magik and power than anyone could ever imagine. As greed consumed them, the Dragons and the Magik Makers fought for the area hoping to become as powerful as the Grand Wizard himself. Greed, bloodshed and loss of lives during the war angered the Grand Wizard so much that he took his septor and summoned a powerful quake that divided the land into sections. The Bohavi region was dispersed and the the amethyst was swallowed by the sea never to be seen again.The area where Jarithian's Soul once was became the Bohavi Sea.

   Each race was sent to a specific area of land-the Magik Makers and the Dragons were banished to opposite sides of the kingdom-and other  races such as the Elves, Fada and Dwarves were given their own territories. Most are allowed to enter other regions for business or visitation, but they can't lay claim to any land other than the one assigned to them by Grand Wizard.

   Many have tried to find the amethyst-Jarithian's Soul- but have not been sucessful. The Grand Wizard took precautions to make sure no race could ever become so powerful they could take over his kingdom. It is rumored that the precious stone is hidden somewhere in the earth realm, but no one knows for sure. 

   Though once, the Boto tried to convince the other races they had found it and attempted to sell it on the blackmarket  to the highest bidder, even though it was a fake. The Grand Wizard discovered the Botos' treachery and cast a spell causing them to become pink dolphin shifters. They were promptly  cast out of Jarithia into an area called The Encante. The Boto now live between the earth realm and Jarithia, but are not accepted in either.

   As with any society, war has erupted between the races and among some of the races over the years. The air dragons caused such a war when two families-the Townsends  and the Baxters-laid claim to another area of land called The Dark Chamber. Again, the Grand Wizard stepped in to ensure peace in his kingdom. He banished both families from The Dark Chamber and put a treaty in place ensuring the first born son and first born daughter from the third generation of their air dragon families would marry. Then the land would belong to both families equally. There have been a few other civil wars over the years, but the Grand Wizard always found a way to put a stop to them.

   Many Jarithian's are traditionalists and do not accept nor want change. They wish for their kingdom to remain as it always has.  There are some though who are little more modern in their thinking and would welcome change to their society.  Including more privalleges for specific races or for Jarithian women. This causes some strife among the races and there is always a chance another civil war might erupt once again over opposition of beliefs and traditions. The Grand Wizard is always on guard for such a war.

   Also, the Grand Wizard, with his infinite knowledge, has the final say, but in order to keep Jarithia  safe, a special law enforcement agency called the Elder Court, was formed to enforce the laws and seek punishment for crimes. The Elder Court is made up of several races to ensure equality among the citizens of Jarithia.

   One such law involves the human race. Humans are not allowed to enter Jarithia unless they are the mate of one of Jarithia's citizens or they have obtained special permission from The Grand Wizard to cross over. Very few humans are ever allowed to enter Jarithia's realm.

   Most Jarithians also need special permission to enter the earth realm and some races such as the Dragaon's and the Shadow Fada have very limited access. However, Jarithia has partnered with the vetted members of the earth realm to form a special task force called U.P.I.B.- United Para-criminal Investigative Bureau. This task force is housed in the earth realm and is a highly classifed organization made up of Jarithians and humans alike.They investigate criminal activity between the earth realm and Jarithia. All findings are reported to the Gatekeepers-the elite dragonshifters who guard the four portals to Jarithia-for further instructions.

  The Gatekeepers are the ones who ensure the safety and survival of both our world and Jarithia. They guard their portals with honor, integrity and bravery.  

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