Tamelia Tumlin

Tamelia Tumlin

     Romance Author


Prince of Thieves


          Cheyenne Lawson needs to get arrested in order to get her son what he needs. When a man leaves an expensive ring on the table she seizes the opportunity. But her plan backfires when she's bailed out of jail by the owner of the ring. He just happens to be a very handsome Arabian prince.

       Prince Kareem bin Ishmail doesn't want a wife but he needs one in order give the people of his country stability. He is supposed to marry a woman from his country but doesn't wish to do that. So he makes a proposal to Cheyenne that she can't refuse; life in prison in his desert country or a temporary marriage. Is she just trading one prison for another?


Her Royal Protege'

          Vroom, Vroom! Rev up your Engines and be ready to roll!
          Public Relations Specialist Jada McGuire is on a mission to find a prince. Due to an unfortunate tragedy the Androvian throne sits empty awaiting its next heir- the illegitimate son of the former king. In order to save the monarchy she must find him ASAP. She just doesn't count on him being a sexy tough as nails biker from Texas without a royal bone in his body.

       Rough around the edges, Luke Hansen, doesn't believe for one second that he is the next heir to the throne, but in order to find out the truth he must confront his past. A past he has been running from all of his life.
Can the lovely P. R. transform this biker into the king he was meant to be?


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