Tamelia Tumlin

Tamelia Tumlin

     Romance Author

In the kingdom of Jarithia, four dragonshifters are sent on a mission to the earth realm to maintain balance and order between their race and ours. They guard their portals with honor, integretity and bravery. They are known as The Gatekeepers.


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Meet The Gatekeepers!


Brayden St. John

Water Dragon

Dragonshifter Assignment- Guard Northern Portal of Jaritha located in New Orelans, Louisiana

Human Occupation-Fireman


Zeke Townsend

Air Dragon

Dragonshifter Assignment-Guard Southern Portal of Jarithia located in Amazonia (Brazil)

Human Occupation- owns and operates a Adventures of the Amazon Tour Company



Cade Blackfoot

Earth Dragon

Guards the Western Portal of Jarithia



Drakor Sinclair

Fire Dragon

Guards the Eastern Portal of Jarithia








The Gatekeepers Book # 1

Brayden St. John:  Water Dragon

Firefighter and Gatekeeper Brayden St. John guards the Northern portal to Jarithia the same way he fights fires: with honor, bravery and his own set of rules. But when the dragonshifter meets a certain lovely sorceress, he soon learns that rules are meant to be broken. Even his rules.

Sorceress Callie Gautreaux, owner of Ribbons and Roses Flower Shop, walked away from her powerful family and her Magik years ago. Now, as a malevolent wizard invokes a rogue Chaos dragon to terrorize the streets of New Orleans, she must join forces with her sworn enemy – an ultra-sexy dragonshifter – and face her past in order to save the humans. But can she save her heart from the dragon's charm?

The Gatekeepers Book # 2

Zeke Townsend: air


When Gatekeeper and Amazon tour guide, Zeke Townsend finds Elena Torres on the streets of Rio during Carnaval desperately searching for her missing sister, he knows he's the only one who can help her.  But, fighting his growing attraction for Elena isn't easy even though he's bound by honor to marry another air dragon. Then Elena does the unthinkable. She crosses his portal and enters Jarithia's realm to search for her sister without permission. As a Gatekeeper, Zeke is required by Jarithian law to turn her over to the Elder Court for punishment. Now, he must choose between upholding his duty as a Gatekeeper or saving Elena by making her his...mate!


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