Tamelia Tumlin

Tamelia Tumlin

     Romance Author

Author, teacher, mother and hopeful one day world traveler.

Juggling motherhood, teaching and writing as a single mom is a challenge to say the least., but I still find time to squeeze in a bit of "me" time  which includes traveling. So far, most of my travels have involved the Good Ole USA, but I have ventured to Mexico a time or two and if all goes well (fingers, eyes and toes crossed) I'll be heading back to Mexico early next year. Then after that...who knows?  I'm sure I'll be packed and ready as soon as someone even thinks "road trip." 

However, writing is my passion. After all, who doesn't love to be in total control of someone's fate? (snicker). When I get ready to start a novel the possibilities are endless and the excitement insurmountable.  With fingers on the keyboard, the lives of my heroine and hero are literally  in my hands. Of course, no matter how many trials and tribulations I give my characters, they always get their well-deserved HEA. 

Now, from August-September, you'll find me in my classroom preparing lessons for 40+ eager to learn (okay...more like... my mom said I have to be here) fourth graders. I try to make learning fun, but there are just so many ways you can make parts of speech interesting. Seriously. A noun is a noun. It's not going to magically change and become the most exciting thing on earth no matter how much I want it to.  At the moment, I teach Language Arts where I try to instill a love of reading, writing  (and yes, those pesky parts of speech)  in my students. I'm hoping to find one or more of them on the New York Time's Best Sellers List one day.  Now wouldn't that be a treat?

And last,but definitely not least, comes motherhood which is my first priority. I am blessed with a wonderful ten year old son who is my heart and soul. He's also my travel buddy and enjoys going places as much as I do.  

I plan to use this page to post fun pictures for a peek into my hectic world so check back often. 

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