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Tamelia Tumlin

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Tamelia Tumlin sold her first story to Dogwood Tales Magazine many years ago while taking a creative writing course in college. The short story titled "The Traveler" was the feature story for that edition. After graduating college in elementary education, life, a teaching career and a wonderful son consumed most of her time. However, in the past couple of years, the yearning to pen fabulous romantic tales of to-die-for heroes and spirited heroines has taken over. Ms. Tumlin has worked with several online publishers, but she is now writing for Steel Magnolia Press. Juggling motherhood, teaching and writing is a challenge, but one she welcomes to pursue her passion. Her novels range from sweet and sassy to dark and dangerous.

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When did you first begin writing?

I began writing at fourteen? I submitted a story to Silhouette’s young adult line. Of course, it was ultimately rejected, but I did receive some great feedback from the editors and encouragement to try again. I can say that I did not receive a form rejection letter on my first submission which is always a step in the right direction.



Who, if anybody, inspired you to become a writer?

That is a good question. Actually, there were several factors that ultimately led me to pursue a writing career. As a child and teenager I watched my aunt (Jennifer Blake) submit books and climb to the top of the New York Time’s Best Sellers List. Of course, at that time I had no idea the actual significance of that crucial moment in her career. Jennifer had always just been “Aunt Pat” to me and yes, I knew she wrote and sold books, but I didn’t really think about how amazing that was at the time. However, now that I look back on it, I can see how watching her succeed influenced my desire to write as well. I also watched my mother try her hand at writing a time or two. She eventually did become published as well on a smaller scale, which once again proved writing runs in the family. In college, I had to take an elective. At the time I needed to keep my GPA high and I thought I’d like to try the creative writing class. My advisor told me that it was nearly impossible to get an A in that class and I really needed to elect something else. Of course, being the stubborn soul I am, I really wanted to take the course so I signed up for it against my advisors wishes. I did make an A in the class and the short story I wrote for my final project eventually became my first sell. I submitted the story entitled The Traveler to Dogwood Tales Magazine. It was accepted and was the feature story of that issue. After that, I knew my passion for writing was not going away. Marriage, a teaching career and motherhood took the place of my writing for a few years, but now that I’ve started back, I plan to keep doing what I enjoy the most.


What is your least favorite part of the craft?

I would say editing. I’m one of those who edits all the way through as I go so when I have to go back  and do it again, I’m not quite as excited.


What is your favorite part of the craft?

Writing the story. I’m a little bit in between a plotter and a pantser. I do a little of both.



Who are your favorite authors?

Jennifer Blake, of course, for her fabulous historicals, Amanda Ashley for her devine vampires and Debbie Macomber for he unique quirky voice.  I also enjoyed hearing about Debbie’s climb to success and how she was turned down in the beginning of her career many times. Her story is an inspiration to all aspiring authors.


What are your plans for future books?

At the moment I plan to finish The Gatekeepers Series and then possibly work on a love story involving a sheikh.  I’m sure I’ll write a few more faith-based novels as well.

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