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Character Interview With Ace and Lexi

Posted by [email protected] on August 20, 2012 at 12:00 AM

TT : I’d like to welcome Ace and Lexi to my blog today. We’ve followed their story, we’ve watched them fall in love and now we’d like to know what comes next in their lives.

Lexi: Thank you for the warm welcome. Ace and I are delighted to be here.

TT: When the story ended you two decided to try a long-distance relationship for a while. How did that work out for you and what advice would you give others in the same situation?

Lexi: Flexibility is the key. A long distance relationship can be tough. You don’t see each other everyday and sometimes other issues must take first priority. My advice would be to make sure make sure your relationship is strong enough to deal with it before ever committing to such an arrangement. Trust is very important in long-distance relationships.

Ace: It is very hard. Especially in my line of work. My job takes me all over the country. Sometimes for weeks on end. But, we made it work.

TT: I’m sure being apart for weeks at a time was difficult. How did you deal with it?

Ace: First, as Lexi pointed out, you must have a strong relationship to begin with. I knew Lexi was the right woman for me early on, but I wanted to make sure we could make it. I didn’t want my marriage to end up like my Dad’s. You must also put God first in your relationship. He knows best and if your trust in His will everything will work out if it is intended to do so. During the year we dated, we made sure we talked to each other everyday and if at all possible we saw each other at least three times a week. She would come to New Orleans for the day or I’d go to Gator Bayou.

Lexi: Except for that one time. Ace was called to Michigan at the beginning of February for a missing child in Detroit. He was there almost for the entire month and I didn’t get to see him even once.

TT: So you missed your first Valentine’s Day together?

Lexi: We did. Though Ace did send me two dozen beautiful red roses. I still have them, but they are part my potpourri now.

Ace: I hated to miss sharing the holiday with her. I know women really get into that romantic stuff, but she understood.

Lexi: I sure did. I didn’t want any mother to go through what I did. That little boy had been missing for nearly two weeks before Ace was called in. It still took almost another month for them to find the child. Thankfully, with prayer and dedication they managed to find him alive. So often that’s not the case.

TT: It’s good that you are so understanding of the demands of his job. I’m sure being in the same situation as these other parents before has helped you cope with his travel.

Lexi: It does. I know how frightening it can be when your child is missing. Now that we are married we are able to go with him sometimes if he’s away for extended periods of time. He’s usually not around much since he’s working, but we get to peep at him once in a while and that makes it much better.

TT: Speaking of children, how are Anna and your little one doing?

Ace: Anna has adjusted very well. She calls me Dad, which I’m pleased as punch about. Though, when she’s older we plan to tell her about her real Dad and give her the scrapbook Lexi has put together for her. We want her to know that she has two fathers who love her very much.

Lexi: Jose’ is a handful. He takes after Ace. I can barely keep up with him some days, but Anna is thrilled to have a baby brother so she is a big help.

TT: It sounds like you two have everything under control. We wish you both the best of luck in the future.

Lexi: Thank you. We enjoyed talking with you.

Ace: Yes, it was nice visit with you and your readers again.

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