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Throwback Thursday:

Posted by [email protected] on August 1, 2013 at 7:00 AM Comments comments (99)

First of all, it is a bit unnerving to know I am old enough to participate in Throwback Thursday. Yikes! The eighties and nineties which were my high school/collage years are now considered...gasp...a time in history. However, I will probably go even further back on this blog to occasionally include the sixties and seventies.

This was my all time favorite soap during my preteen and teen years. Yes, I'm dating myself. I decided to start Throwback Thursday with this little piece in history because I just recently had to make a trip to Dallas, Texas. Of course, I couldn't resist going to visit Southfork Ranch.

The house is actually much smaller than it appears in the original and new series, but for that period in history it was actually considered a mansion. We learned that for the orignal series most of the inside shots were actually done in Hollywood on a set. They rarely ever filmed inside the actual Southfork Ranch located right outside Plano, Texas. However, the outside scenes were shot in Texas.




One of my favorite parts of the tour was the "hotel" room where J.R. was shot in Mexico in the new series. For the new series, they do film parts of the show inside the house since the cameras are smaller and they can now fit them in the house.

The Mexican "hotel" room was actually a small room inside Southfork Ranch. They made a "hotel" hall from one of the halls inside the ranch and put numbers on the doors to make it look like an actual hotel. They filmed the stair scene (where they are running up the stairs to find the room J.R. was in) from a set of stairs in the house. This is the picture of the actual room they used for the Mexican hotel in the new series.




All in all Southfork Ranch is a fun tour. We enjoyed our visit, but we missed out on seeing any of the cast since they won't be back for filming until October. Oh well, maybe next time!


We will miss Larry Hagman on the new series. The icon of the Dallas soap passed away in Novemeber 2012.










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